Whales & Eco Zip

From NZD $389.00
  • Location: Kaikoura, Canterbury
  • Product code: WOWZIP

Kaikōura is home to Sperm whales all year-round, as well as being a popular migratory and feeding route for many other species of whales and dolphins. From the air, you can experience the true magnitude of the world’s largest mammal, the whale. These animals can reach an impressive 18 metres in length and weigh up to 60 tonnes.
Following a quick check-in and safety briefing, take to the air for the most sustainable and low impact way to view Kaikoura’s famous whales, and dolphins. Flying in the company of up to just seven guests, our Gippsland GA8 Airvan aircraft are equipped with large, dome windows, for perfect viewing opportunities.  The Airvan flies at low speed, making in it the perfect way to orbit these magnificent animals, delivering incredible viewing and photography opportunities.
Once you return to terra firma, the adventure continues, as two of Eco Zips expert guides take you through the gear-up process before you board ‘Moggy’ for the journey to, and through, beautiful Rakanui Station.